Waterwheel - modular
... every water quantity works !

This special modular construction enables the waterwheel to adapt its diameter to each possible geographic circumstances.
You can compare this construction to the bracelet of a watch. The number of segments
defines the seize of the diameter.
The broadness of the waterwheel as well can vary in seize. Several segment - rims can be added one next to the other on the same shaft.

Tough and rigid segments of stainless steel are produced by laser machines. They are exactly suitable to the centre of the wheel !
Each cell is ventilated so the waterstream can float in and out in the best possible way.
passgenaue Produktion durch  den Laserautomaten
The wooden arms ( larch ) are very durable. They don`t need any toxic treatment. Specialist literature describes the endurance of larch wood:

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pipehub /shaft 2
self aligning ball bearings
wet condition:  600 years
wet and dry conditions:  90 years
Stainless steel segments and wooden arms can be deinstalled separately.


For example :  D = 3,70 m  ,  B = 1,50 m  ,  Q = 270 l/s  ,  P = ~ 6,7 kW